Ceramic market

Ceramic market

With international ceramic artists

International Ceramics Fair 2020 | CoVid-19

NEWS May 19, 2020
Challenging times require a new way of dealing with the usual – and new ideas that adapt to the circumstances! After a long waiting and hoping, we have to announce that the “International Ceramics Fair Oldenburg” 2020 – like many other ceramic markets all over Europe – will not take place in its usual form.
BUT: We are working on an alternative form of the Ceramic Fairs in Oldenburg! Why? It would be a too big loss for the participating ceramists, for the audience and of course for us as organizers, to miss the Ceramics Fair. What would summer be without a ceramic market, what would Oldenburg be without ceramicart?

We cannot tell you much yet, except that the concept naturally only goes hand in hand with a proper hygiene and safety concept and can only be planned conditional. Be curious – we will keep you up to date …

And keep reserving the weekend: 
38. International Ceramics Fair Oldenburg
31 July – 1 August 2020 

Participants 2020

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