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International Ceramics Fair 2020 | CoVid-19

NEWS May 19, 2020
Challenging times require a new way of dealing with the usual – and new ideas that adapt to the circumstances! After a long waiting and hoping, we have to announce that the “International Ceramics Fair Oldenburg” 2020 – like many other ceramic markets all over Europe – will not take place in its usual form.
BUT: We are working on an alternative form of the Ceramic Fairs in Oldenburg! Why? It would be a too big loss for the participating ceramists, for the audience and of course for us as organizers, to miss the Ceramics Fair. What would summer be without a ceramic market, what would Oldenburg be without ceramicart?

We cannot tell you much yet, except that the concept naturally only goes hand in hand with a proper hygiene and safety concept and can only be planned conditional. Be curious – we will keep you up to date …

And keep reserving the weekend: 
38. International Ceramics Fair Oldenburg
31 July – 1 August 2020 

Ceramic Event with an European Format

Once a year the Werkschule presents itself as a member of the Ceramic-Community at an international level. Situated around the noble Schloss in the city-center of Oldenburg it hosts the International Ceramic Fair which includes a ceramic market, presentation of professional prizes, special exhibits and artist showcases. The fair ensures that collectors and enthusiasts alike are offered an exquisite range of works from artistic creations to high-quality tableware. 

Based upon strict criteria a jury of professionals within the field chooses over a hundred workshops and ceramic artists to present their current work. The ceramic market is accompanied by an interesting program wich includes a guided tour of the market, audience awards and a quiz.


Ceramics market

International ceramics art before the backdrop of Oldenburg Castle. The open-air market for strolling around, discovering and shopping.

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